Friday, September 21, 2007

Database Icon Little Secrets

I was working on an issue yesterday where the design of a database was replaced on one server but when it replicated with another server, the design property 'Inherit design from master template' reverted back to the original value. I discovered that when the design task runs on a server (1am by default) it updates the field that holds this property even though it should only be reading it. So the design was replaced on one replica and the database didn't replicate with the other server until after the design task had run on the other server. Domino replication did what it was designed to do and made the latest entry the current one.

So where is the 'Inherit design from master template' property stored you ask.... None other than the Database Icon design element. It's within the $TITLE field. This field is a concatenated field containing the Database Title and Inherit from template property. If you look at it through NotesPeek or the Ytria ScanEZ tool you can see it is modified when the Design task runs.

The Database Icon element also stores the following:
$DefaultFrameset - Database frameset launch parameter
$FormsTemplateFile - iNotes Forms database pathname to use
$LANGUAGE - Language packs available on the server when the database was created
$DefaultLanguage - Will be present if multiple language packs are available
$SoftDeleteExpireHours - Soft delete expire time in hours parameter
$TemplateFileName - Filename of the template last used to update the database
$TemplateModTime - The last time the template specified above was modified
$TemplateServerName - The Domino server where the template was read from
$TITLE - Database Title + (new line character) + #2 + Inherit design from master template name OR if the database is a template then, Database Title + (new line character) + #1 + master template name
$UpdatedByLimit - Limit entries in $UpdatedBy field property
IconBitmap - The actual database icon

I'm sure there are other fields but these are the ones seen in a standard mail file.

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