Friday, September 7, 2007

Finally out there

Well here it is folks, another blogger. I finally jumped on the band wagon and got myself a blog. I don't plan on this being a blog about a specific topic but rather a blog regarding all my interests. After all it is my name in the title and labels can be used to differentiate the topics.

Anyway, I'll mostly post topics related to Lotus Notes and Domino (my job), Flying (what my job pays for), Photography (an attempt to document my life), and my family (the most important thing to me on this earth). Although the family posts will be kind of vague since I am still concerned about the whole identity theft thing.

It took some time before I finally decided to use Blogger. I wanted to use the Domino Blog template on my home server but I figured Comcast would eventually block it if traffic spiked. I'm also too cheap to pay for a hosting service. So Blogger was the best bet to get started with.

I'll be tweaking the blog template as I discover what Blogger lets me do. So things may be changing around here.


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Bruce said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!