Monday, October 22, 2007

Comcast filtering Lotus Notes (Update 2)

We started getting reports from some of our users last week that large e-mail transfers via Lotus Notes were once again working on the Comcast network. I did some testing this weekend and every upload was successful.

So it would seem the filtering, at least for Notes in the Chicago area, has been lifted by Comcast. There is no telling if this is permanent since Comcast denies ever doing this in the first place but I will be watching it.

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Update 10/24/07:
Here are some links related to the issue being resolved
Associated Press article
Ed Brill bolg posting


mdm-adph said...

Well, how's that for quick damage control? Don't worry -- they'll stick it to us in some other way.

Anonymous said...

I am still unable to send email with large attachments from Lotus Notes in the Pittsburgh Area.

art said...


I'm with Public Knowledge, a public interest group in Washington. I'd like to talk with you about the Comcast situation. Please email to or call 202-518-0020.