Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Domino upgrade on System i - Copying Trend ScanMail

We run Domino on System i (iSeries/AS400) and use Trend ScanMail for virus scanning. When you install a new Domino point release the new Domino library doesn't contain the files needed by ScanMail. When you upgrade a Domino partition to this new release and it tries to load SMD it will fail because it can't find the program files.

The Trend solution for this is to run the ScanMail install and apply it to the new Domino code. However, if you have a service pack or patch applied to ScanMail the install program will error out saying there is a newer version installed than the one you are trying to install. The install program for the service pack is just an update script so you are forced to run the original install program. Trend's answer to this is to completely uninstall ScanMail and re-install from scratch. This is tedious on a system that has multiple Domino partitions running.

Below are the manual steps to add ScanMail to a new Domino library. These steps use the default Domino paths and uses 7.0.2 as the existing Domino code and 7.0.3 as the new Domino code where ScanMail is being copied to.

After installing the latest Domino code do the following (This can be done while the Domino partitions are up):

  1. From a 5250 session use the WRKLNK command and navigate to the /QIBM/ProdData/LOTUS/DOMINO702 folder.
  2. On the bottom command line enter CHGCURDIR ‘/QIBM/ProdData/LOTUS/DOMINO703’
  3. Locate the file SMD.INI and type a 3 next to it and press F4. In the Owner field enter *KEEP and press ENTER.
  4. Locate each of the following files, type a 3 next to each one individually, press F4. In the Symbolic link field enter *YES and in the Owner field enter *KEEP and press ENTER.

Now when you upgrade a Domino partition to the latest version it will be able to find the ScanMail programs. This process works for ScanMail for Domino 3.0 so future versions may change this process.

There may be a more automated way of doing this but my i5/OS knowledge is limited so this is what works for me.

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any damage, malfunction, or lost data performing the above procedure may cause.

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Bryan Kuhn said...

Kevin, Thanks for the post, I upgraded three partitioned Domino servers Saturday night and ran through your suggestion for Trend Micro. It worked flawlessly. Thanks again