Thursday, October 11, 2007

Joined the i revolution

After dealing with the clunky interfaces on other MP3 players I finally broke down and bought an iPod. I gave the Windows Media and less expensive MP3 player combo a try for a while. It just never measured up to the seamless integration you get with iPod and iTunes.

When the new 3rd generation iPod Nano came out I knew it was time to switch. The video wasn't that big of a deal for me although it has a very sharp screen. Even though it is only 2 inches it's easy to view a TV show. I like the interface, form factor, and seamless integration with iTunes. I downloaded 2 episodes of The Office from iTunes just to check out the video and see if I would find it useful. I also downloaded the new David Crowder Band album Remedy while I was in the iTunes store.

I have the 8 GB model and with 3 hour long TV shows, a couple of the latest IdoNotes and Taking Notes podcasts, and 125 songs I still have 5GB free. I don't need my entire music library with me so I don't mind just having a selection available on the iPod. I especially don't need my wife's albums on there so I use the manual sync option in iTunes.

I bought my wife the 1st gen Nano a year ago and after getting used to the iTunes interface decided this combo just works.

A co-worker pointed me to the Best Skins Ever site for a protective skin. I'll be getting this for mine and my wife's device and will post the results.

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Chris Whisonant said...

It's addictive...

And you'll love Remedy!! While you're in there, check out the album "My Savior Lives" from New Life Worship.