Thursday, December 13, 2007

On to the next project...

We are finally starting to plan for a Sametime implementation within our organization. It has been on the back burner for a while waiting on other projects and is now moving forward. I'm still in the research and planning stage but have an initial conceptual diagram done. Hopefully this post and future ones can help people who may be going through the same process in the future.

I have been attending the Sametime sessions given by Chris Miller and Carl Tyler at the ADMIN conference for a few years now as well as pouring over the manuals and the Sametime 7.5.1 BP redbook. This has provided a lot of help getting started but there are still some organization specific questions that need to be answered. Below and in future posts are some decisions we had to make up front. Some have been decided and some are still be thought over.

Overall Sametime network design
Our organization tends to be overly redundant so I set out planning the Sametime network with redundancy in mind. I think it will take off once we implement it and will eventually become a business (if not mission) critical application. We have multiple offices worldwide but have been centralizing most applications in the Chicagoland area with high speed WAN links to the offices.

The conceptual diagram I came up with has 2 Sametime servers clustered in the Chicago area and 2 Sametime servers clustered in London. I also have Multiplexers positioned in each local office because I like the idea of keeping the user connections local and having a single connection to the Sametime servers over the WAN. The Sametime servers will connect to load balancers for connections to multiple LDAP servers for directory lookups.

A single Samtime server can more than handle our entire user base (~3500 users) but as I mentioned earlier we are all about redundancy and response time. This setup still has a single point of failure with the Multiplexers but I thought load balancing multiple MUX's in each office would be a little over the top even for us.

This setup is only for chat (IM) services and not meetings. We will add separate meeting servers in the future for online meetings.

I'll have additional posts regarding directory and OS decisions shortly.

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