Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Upgraded to Notes 8 client

I went ahead and upgraded to the Notes 8 client a few days ago without upgrading my mail template or the server. I was pleased to discover the things Notes 8 brings to the table just by installing the client itself. Using Notes 8 with the R7 mail template you still get in-line spell checking, drop down type-ahead, and my favorite, the ability to shift-click multiple documents. As an administrator I can't tell you how many times I have longed for the ability to shift-click when selecting hundreds or thousands of documents. I'm sure there are other features there but these are the ones I notice most.

I did have to get used to looking for the term 'Application' versus 'Database'. I also long for the return of the right-click option 'Open in designer'.

The client has been stable except for the one crash I experienced when switching to a different Location/ID and then back to the original Location and ID. It does seem a little slower to load the standard client but once it's up it works well. Our R7 mail template has integration with Interwoven WorkSite which still works with the Notes 8 client.

As for our organization, we are waiting for 8.0.1 to seriously look at upgrading but I wanted to get a jump on the client features. Upgrading our mail template will be interesting as we have integration with multiple 3rd party products.

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