Thursday, January 17, 2008

I get it now!!!

When the Apple TV was first introduced I didn't get the idea. Pay $300 for a box that plays content from your computer to your TV. I can hook my laptop directly to the TV and do the same thing. Now with the announcement at Macworld 2008 of Apple TV Take 2, I get it. Direct movie rentals from iTunes in HD, viewing photos on Flicker, and playing the entire MP3 music library in the living room without CDs. The latter is what got my wife to agree to it and now I have it!

The latest version of the software isn't available yet but is supposed to be soon. Until then I'll try renting from iTunes on my computer and see if the Apple TV will display it.

My wife and I are currently enjoying The Office, the Benihana Christmas episodes.

PS. Sorry Mark, I couldn't resist any longer :).

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