Friday, February 15, 2008

Apple TV - HD Movie Rental

So I applied the 2.0 update the day it came out and am now getting around to trying the HD movie rental. I purchased Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End about 1 hour ago and the download is at 35% complete. Two minutes after selecting the HD movie rental a message popped up saying I could start watching it but I wanted to see how long it would take to download the entire movie. At this rate it will take 2 and a half hours and the movie is only 2 hours and 9 minutes long.

So the question is, how could I start watching the movie and not have it freeze if play time is faster than the download time? Guess I'll have to try that on a different movie. I'll let this one finish downloading. It could also be that it's Friday night and every Apple TV owner is doing the same thing.

Viewing the HD movie previews is fine for me. They start right away and don't 'hiccup'.

Setup: Cable Internet ~5Mb download speed, Apple TV on 802.11g wireless network.

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