Thursday, February 21, 2008

Notes 8.0.1 Widgets - DDM

Like most people I have already started playing with widgets in Notes 8.0.1. I thought one useful widget would be a view of the DDM events. I usually only go through DDM events once a week since I have to remember to go look at the database. If the view were in the sidebar I might notice Fatal events sooner.

I created a new view in the DDM database from a copy of (Open Events By Severity) and called it (SideBarView) with and alias of vwSideBar. I removed the first totals column since I don't need the totals in the sidebar view. I also changed the server column to use CN since all of our servers are in the same OU. This was in an effort to slim the view down as much as possible. I'm sure there is more that can be done but this was a quick and dirty approach.

I then created a frameset and called it SideBar. This frameset only contains the view (SideBarView) and has Show action bar and Show header turned off.

Then configure a new widget component from Notes and point to the Notes URL.

Add it to you sidebar. You should see something similar to this:

Also notice I added Planet to my sidebar. I used the URL since it has a slim format.


Bruce Currier said...

Great idea for a widget. I've got a couple of ideas for similiar ones (biggest one is for the AdminP Requests - Pending by Server view. Unfortunately, we haven't implemented V8.x yet (hopefully in the next few weeks).
Are you going to add this widget t othe widget catalog the Turtle Partnership is hosting so we don't have to manually recreate this ourselves? URL for blog on it is

Kevin Kanarski said...

Thanks Bruce. The widget itself is just pointing to a customized view so I don't think putting the widget in the catalog would do any good. You would still need to create the frameset and view in the DDM database.