Friday, February 1, 2008

Sametime implemetation update

There is 10 inches of snow on the ground so far today here in Chicago. The schools are closed and half the people stayed home from work. However, I'm at work so I decided to provide an update on our Sametime implementation.

In a previous post I discussed my LDAP directory quandary. After some thought, research and reviewing posts from others who have been there, I decided to go with Domino LDAP and utilize Notes ID password synch with the Internet password field. So far the password synch setting is working well. As soon as a client receives the password synch setting from the policy it will initiate an AdminP request to update the Internet password field. Then every time the Notes ID password is changed it will submit another AdminP request. Using AdminP makes it easy to track password updates. I was afraid that the user would have to initiate a password change in order for the synch to happen the first time but just changing the setting does this.

We are using a combination of Integrated Notes client, Sametime Connect 8, and Sametime Connect on BlackBerry. When using just the Notes Integrated Client with Domino SSO you don't need the Internet Password field. It will use the Notes authentication in combination with an Ltpa token to authenticate with Sametime. The Sametime Connect Windows and BlackBerry client will need the Internet Password field populated.

I started out by installing the Limited Use version of Sametime 8 on our test System i server. This lets you use the Notes Integrated Client only. No meeting services either. I tried installing the Trial version of Sametime 8 server and was met with a message that stated "Trial Sametime must be installed on a trial version of Domino server". This makes no sense what so ever. Most people trying Sametime will be existing Domino shops with full versions of Domino. This might be limited to the i5/OS version of Samtime but still doesn't make sense. I was unable to install the trial version.

We have now purchased our initial set of licenses and have the full Sametime 8 server installed. As a side note this was very easy to do on i5/OS. The LU version of Sametime on i5/OS has a single save file to install. The full version has 2 save files. The only thing you need to do to upgrade from LU to Full is install the second save file that comes with the full version. This is a 1 MB file that just enables all the features contained in the initial save file.

Full Sametime Connect is working as well as meeting services. You can be logged into the Notes Integrated Client and the full Sametime Connect client at the same time but logging into the BlackBerry Sametime Connect client will kick you out of the Windows clients and vice versa. This is actually a nice feature. I don't have to remember to log off of one before logging into the other. When I leave the office I just log into the BlackBerry client and that's it.

I chose to run the back end Sametime chat servers on i5/OS because we run all of our Domino mail servers on i5/OS and have a large investment in System i hardware. Why not just pop another Domino server on them. For production we will run one server on our Chicago System i and another clustered server on the System i in our Colo facility. I am planning on installing muxes on SuSE Linux in each office to handle the client connections. We already run Domino on SuSE Linux for handling our outbound Internet e-mail so we have familiarity with it.

The next steps are to get some more pilot users on it (not hard to do since they are beating down the door). Then transition to Sametime servers on the production System i's and muxes.

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