Thursday, March 27, 2008

Boston Bound - ADMIN2008

I registered for ADMIN2008 today and managed to get a room at the Sheraton. I'm going with 2 other coworkers this year. We tried to get tickets to a Red Sox game but they were either sold out or didn't have 3 seats together. We could probably get them on StubHub and pay extra.

I'm arriving in Boston around 1pm on Tuesday and we'll bum around Boston that afternoon.

See you there.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Viral Sametime

Our Sametime pilot is well underway with almost 170 users setup on the Notes 7 integrated client. Once the word was out it spread like wildfire. Even some people that couldn't see the business need for it are now using it and discovering its potential. Adding more people is simple; apply the explicit policy and add the Sametime server to their person document and the next time they start Notes there it is.

We have received the following comments so far:

"What is with the Windows 3.1 interface." (Notes 7 integrated client)
"Are the chats being logged?" (No)
"Is there a Blackberry client?" (Yes, but we need licenses)

My team is using the Notes 8.0.1 integrated client and the Blackberry client so we can show people what is to come. Still waiting on a business decision for that though.

I had to use Chris Linfoot's solution for getting Domino single sign-on to work with the Notes 8.0.1 integrated client. Prior to this the check box would not stay checked. This could be just an upgrade issue with my Notes client. You know how upgrading an administrators Notes client isn't the same as upgrading an end users. We do all kinds of things with ours (beta software, tweeking, playing 'what if' scenarios).

Hot Wheels and girls

Who says having only daughters isn't fun. I was up in our playroom with my youngest daughter last night and spotted some old Hot Wheels cars. I started playing with them on the carpet but thought it would be better to have a track that we could race on. A trip to Toys R Us and now we have a Hot Wheels race track. The girls love it. However they always want to use my car since it's the fastest.

Today when I got home all the Barbies were lined up track side to watch the race.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

CommonStore for Lotus Domino advisory

Sergio has a posting on a gotcha in the latest fix pack for CSLD. It appears it creates phantom section headers in Reply with History messages when attachments are archived. These phantom headers will cause all but Notes 8.0.1 to crash when the message is opened.

Fix Pack IF0036 of CommonStore for Lotus Domino