Monday, May 5, 2008

ADMIN2008 Recap

I’m a little behind in posting this but here is my recap of the ADMIN2008 conference in Boston. As in past years it was packed with technical information from those that live and breath Notes, Domino, and Sametime. I have never made it to Lotusphere so I can’t compare it to that event. I noticed that Andy Donaldson compared them both and calls ADMIN more of a training event than a conference. I agree with that.

Most of the sessions I attended were with the dynamic trio of Chris, Andy, and Rob (where is Rob’s blog?) doing the ND8 Upgrade sessions. I also attended some Sametime sessions since we are in the pilot phase of rolling out 8.0.x. All these sessions were excellent and loaded with real world information. The presenters are always available (for a short time) after the sessions and in the Ask The Experts time in the evening. They are also open to responding to questions via e-mail after the event which amazes me. I guess the Notes/Domino community is a nice group of people that don’t abuse this generosity.

I also attended Ed Brill’s Birds of a Feather talk on Sending a Message to Management: How to keep Lotus Notes and Domino in your Company. He took some heat from people that are fighting the ‘Let’s move to Outlook for absolutely no business reason’ in their organization. I am in the same situation in our organization and all I can say is promoting Notes 8 from within has probably been the best approach so far. Ed handled the questions as best he could and as he said there is no silver bullet. If business decision makers take a thorough technical look at both platforms the smartest choice is obvious. I have worked with both platforms so I know the capabilities of both. Domino is the only viable platform for any company over 100 employees that deems e-mail as mission critical.

The last session I attended was Jess Stratton’s on Giving Your Users the Complete Notes 8 Upgrade Experience. This was essentially a look at how to promote the upgrade to Notes 8 to end-users. She showed how to communicate the new client to users and get them excited about it. She also included words that should and shouldn’t be used in communication to end-users. It was a good chance to look at the upgrade from a non-technical point of view and put ourselves in the end-users shoes. After all, if the end-users aren’t happy then the Outlook banner starts waving.

I attended this year with 2 other co-workers; another admin and a developer. We arrived on Tuesday and had the day to bum around Boston. It was raining so we didn’t do much walking around. We toured some of the old Boston buildings including the Boston Public Library. We ended the day at a sports bar where they put the Cubs game on for us. Wednesday evening we saw the Red Sox play the Blue Jays and Fenway Park. This was a first for all of us. I’m not a huge baseball fan but I enjoy going to games. The Red Sox won by a run in the bottom of the ninth. Then Thursday evening we hit the local Legal Seafood which has become an annual thing. Maybe we will find a different seafood place next year. We flew back late Friday afternoon and missed most of the earlier flight delays the affected flights to the midwest.

It was another week of getting excited about all the things Notes and Domino has to offer. Now lets upgrade the servers!!!!

PS. I’m trying out MacJournal for this posting so hopefully it posts clean. More on that later.

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