Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BES 4.1.5 and Notes 8 PAB

Service Pack 5 for BES 4.1 has support for Notes / Domino 8 but we have discovered one area that isn’t. The address book on the Blackberry has fields for Work 2 and Home 2 phone numbers. Up until Notes 8 there haven’t been logical fields in the Notes personal address book (PAB) for these fields to map to. With Notes 8 the PAB now has Business 2 and Home 2 phone fields but there is no support for these fields in BES. RIM doesn’t have any plans on supporting them either.

This normally wouldn’t be that big of an issue but we have been getting a lot of heat internally for this. Users are entering numbers in these fields on the handheld but they don’t get synched back to Notes. This is also being portrayed as a Notes issue which it is not.

Also be advised that RIM does not support the ability to synch phone number labels from Notes. In the Notes PAB you can change the label associated with a phone number field. For instance, change the field labeled Home Phone to Mobile. When this entry syncs to the handheld it will still have a label of Home on the handheld. RIM has no plans to support this functionality either. Again, this is also being portrayed as a Notes issue which it is not. It’s a feature of Notes that is not supported by RIM.


JP Liggett said...

This will be a major issue with my clients too. Its unfortunate that RIM decided not to support this, despite having the capability in the BB OS.
Have you used the hard coded field mapping support for this?

IMHO It will help the notes communinity to rally for a solution from RIM, since the clients perceptions of notes affect us all. I expect to ask my clients to communicate with RIM about this.

Kevin Kanarski said...

The hard coded field mapping doesn't have the fields for Business 2 and Home 2. The underlying Notes fields are PhoneNumber_9 and PhoneNumber_10 which don't show up either.