Saturday, May 17, 2008

Flight Log: Abbreviated Breakfast Flight

The wife, kids, and myself set out to fly to Janesville, Wisconsin for breakfast this morning. Then we were going to fly to Lake in the Hills to drop the kids with my sister then fly back to LL10 in Naperville. I knew the winds were going to be gusty out of the WNW but all the airports had runways mostly into the wind. I was looking forward to some crosswind practice. A last minute call to flight services revealed an AIRMET for moderate turbulence. I don’t mind the bumps but my wife does.

I decided to go up and head toward Morris airport just to see how it was. It was bumpy with some mild dips down low. It smoothed out around 3000’ MSL. It was still a little much for my wife so we decided to just have breakfast at Morris. It’s about a 10 minute flight from Naperville. The wind was out of 320 at 12 with no gusts reported yet. Morris has a 360 runway so I did a nice slip landing. There were some minor gusts coming in. I taxied up to the restaurant and there were no cars out front. Not good. The restaurant at Morris is closed again. By now the family is starving.

We thought about going to Clow airport since they have a restaurant as well but I didn’t want to try landing on their 50’ wide runway in these winds. I decided to go back to LL10 in Naperville and we would drive to the local IHOP. Back at LL10 I used their 270 grass airstrip. Their is a nature preserve on final with walking paths. I love coming in over people out for a stroll. Landing in the grass was uneventful. I didn’t need that much correction angle.

We stuffed ourselves at IHOP and now my wife is driving the kids to meet my sister. The toughest thing about flying isn’t learning how to fly the airplane, its predicting the weather and making the correct go / no-go decision.

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