Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ND8 Directory and Policies - Policy Name Issue

I noticed this little gem today when modifying an OU Organizational policy. It looks like there is additional code in the Policy form that updates the Policy Name field on save. What happens is as follows....

Create a new Child policy document from an existing Organizational policy (ex. */Acme)
Name the Child policy as usual (ex. Chicago/Acme)
Then click Save & Close
The Policy name is modified to */Chicago/Acme*/Acme
The Parent policy field shows */Acme*/Acme

This is not correct. The policy name should be */Chicago/Acme. If you go back and modify the name it will stick.

What’s happening is the new QuerySave subroutine is looking for a field called SetParent which doesn’t exist in previously created policies nor does the field exist by default in the new form. If this field isn’t there it will modify the Policy Name field to contain both the existing policy name with the Parent policy name tacked on to the end. It will also then add the SetParent field with a value of 1. When you modify the document in the future it will see the SetParent field and not modify the Policy name field again.

I’m not sure if this new naming structure (*/Chicago/Acme*/Acme) works but I would guess that pre-ND8 servers and clients wouldn’t recognize it.

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