Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hawaii - Day 1

We left for Hawaii today for our 10 year wedding anniversary. We are going to Maui for 3 days and then Kauai for 3 days. I started scheduling this trip back in February with our airline purchase. With all the flight cancellations by Untied and partner airlines going under our itinerary changed about 5 times. Sometimes without me even knowing it had changed until I reviewed it. We ended up connecting through San Francisco both going there and coming back. I was able to upgrade us for the flights to Maui. We had business class on a 767 from Chicago to San Francisco and first class on a 757 from SF to Maui. Man business class on the 767 is nice. It blows away first class on the 757. We will be sorry back in coach on our return trip. I have long legs and it’s torture in the economy section. Hopefully we can get Economy Plus on the way back.

We rented a car at the airport and drove down to Kihei. We are staying at the Mana Kai condominium complex. This condo building sits right on the beach and every condo has a view of the ocean. We are on the 4th floor so we look out at palm trees and the ocean. I’ll post some pictures on Flickr.

We went to happy hour at the attached Five Palms restaurant for some drinks and appetizers. We were going to stay for dinner which doesn’t start until 5 but it was a little pricey for us. It does have the best views of any restaurant on Maui I hear. We ended up at Cafe O’Lei in Kihei. This was a good place with reasonable prices. It’s located on top of a strip mall so Beth had to go shopping after dinner. After that we went for a post sunset stroll on the beach outside the building. We went to bed shortly after that. It was only 8:30 Hawaii time but it was 1:30 am Chicago time. It was a long day.

This place gets windy in the afternoon. With the wind and the waves it’s a little noisy as well but everything calms down at night. The cool ocean winds blowing into the room means they don’t need air-conditioning.

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