Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hawaii - Day 4

Today is a travel day for us going from Maui to Kauai. I got up early to do a sunrise stroll on the beach. With camera in hand I got a bunch of beach pictures with foam water and distant scenery. Beth met up with me and we strolled for some time taking in the sights and sounds. We had breakfast at the Kihei Cafe again and it was hoping today which was Saturday. It looked like most people were tourists so I’m not sure if there was just an influx of them on Friday or they just decided to go to the Cafe.

We checked out of the condo and then started the fun of air travel. I stopped to get gas in the rental car before returning it. The gas station just before the airport had a line of cars waiting to fill up. When I got to the pump I found out why. They didn’t have pat-at-the-pump. What gas station, especially near a main airport, doesn’t have a way to pay by credit card at the pump. We returned the car and went to check in with the airline. There was a single line for Mesa Go airlines and it wasn’t moving. Evidently their computers were down. Good thing we were 2 hours early. An hour later we had our boarding passes and made our way through security. Guess what...we got flagged for extra screening. I assume that since United changed our itinerary so many times and ended up give us paper tickets because our itinerary and e-ticket were out of synch this made us security risks. Thanks United, Aloha, and Mesa Go airlines.

We got on a CRJ200 from Maui to Honolulu and then continued to Kauai. Each leg of the flight was like 20 minutes. They actually offer drinks on these flight for a fee. Why bother. Another unpleasant airline experience behind us. Oh, and it took them forever to get our bags to us.

We received another rental car upgrade since they were out of compact cars in Kauai. Rent a compact car from Alamo in Hawaii and you are probably going to get a full size car for the same price.

I brought my own automobile GPS on this trip and it has been flawless so far. Especially locating our lodging in Kauai. I had pre-programmed it before we left home with all our planned destinations. We are staying at Marjorie’s Kauai Inn which is a bed and breakfast in Lawai. It’s perched on a hill overlooking a valley near Poipu. The hardest part is finding the actual house. You have to pull into a driveway, pass a different house, then go down a steep hill and then go up to the top of the driveway. You end up parking on a steep incline so I hope the emergency brake holds. We have our own large lanai and there is a pool and hot tub for guests of the 3 room B&B. It’s nice having local innkeepers that you can ask for advice on things to see and do. They also provide gear for the beach and snorkeling.

We ate dinner at a local pizza place, Pizzetta, while deciding the activities for our stay. We then strolled through the shops near by. The evening was finished off with a soak in the hot tub back at the B&B.

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