Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hawaii - Day 7

Today is travel day back home. We took our time getting up and packing. We stopped at the Kauai Harley Davidson dealership to pick up shirts for my sister and brother in-law.

We got exit row seats for out flight from Kauai to San Francisco so we didn’t have to pay for Economy Plus. They wanted to charge us $54 each for Economy Plus. What happened to $29?

On the flight from San Francisco to Chicago we were in standard economy which is not good for a 6’ 3“ long legged person like me. I tried to sleep on this flight but it didn’t work. We left Kauai at 1:30pm Hawaii time and arrived home at 5:00am Chicago time with no sleep. So we basically lost an night. Beth and I went to bed when we got home at 6am. I was then awaken at 10 by my kids. My mother-in-law had brought them home and they were excited to see us.

Now it’s time to unpack, clean up the house, edit pictures and video, and get back to a Chicago schedule. Where is that housekeeping service?

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