Sunday, July 27, 2008

Flight Log - PPG: Dream Flight

Tonight was one of those glass smooth evenings we haven’t had too many of this year. I arrived at the Polo field around 6pm to a light SW wind and setup for an easy forward launch. Another pilot was already airborne and two more showed up as I was getting ready to launch.

I circled the Polo field for a bit then headed for some high level cruising. Then it was off to the sod farm. After a couple passes I did some foot drags. This was the first time I have done actual foot drags. I have skimmed the ground down low before but this was the first time doing actual foot drags. It was fairly easy with the silk smooth air.

I then went back to the Polo field. I climbed up high and did some spirals down with engine at idle. This is a good practice to judge gliding and landing with an engine out. I did a few of these. It’s also fun when you can throttle up and do it again.

I put 1.2 hours on the motor and came in for a smooth landing right by my car. There was a storm front heading our way so I wanted to get down before anything hit. It was definitely the calm before the storm. The storm ended up going south.

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