Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Check Subscriptioins causes the Notes client to take focus

This may be a known issue but I wasn't able to find it anywhere. We are in the process of upgrading our Notes client to 7.0.3 and people started reporting that Notes was popping to the foreground when they were working in MS Word or Excel. It turns out that Check Subscriptions was enabled with the upgrade and this was causing Notes to take focus. Once this option was disabled Notes no longer behaved this way.

Here is the scenario that caused Notes to take focus. Launch Notes, open the mail file then open a message with a Word document attached. Open the Word attachment and leave Word in the foreground. Wait exactly 6 minutes and Notes will appear in the foreground.

Funny thing is that this only happened with Word and Excel, not Notepad. If I opened a TXT attachment with Notepad Notes wouldn't take focus.

Check Subscriptions is controlled by the $HeadlineDisableHeadlines INI parameter. 1 equals disabled. Unfortunatley this settings isn't available via the current desktop policy document. Can you set $ INI parameters with a $Pref field in the policy document? Time to go into the lab.

Update: $Pref$HeadlineDisableHeadlines set to 1 in the Desktop policy document does work for disabling the Check Subscriptions via policy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Aviation weekend

This past weekend was filled with aviation related events. I had taken off of work Thursday and Friday in anticipation of AirVenture 2008 but didn’t have any firm plans. When the time came I had pretty much decided that I wasn’t going to AirVenture this year breaking my 7 year attendance run. However a friend of mine, Jeff, who gives a forum talk on PPG’s at AirVenture posted that he was going up for the day on Saturday and asked if anyone wanted to join him. Jeff owns a 1956 Bonanza and lives near me so I jumped at the opportunity to fly into KOSH during AirVenture. This is something I would like to do myself sometime but wanted to go with someone who has done it first. Jeff flys 737’s for a living and has flown into AirVenture many times before so who better to go with and learn from.

We launched from LL10 around 7:20 and were at AirVenture at about 8:30am. The flight in couldn’t have been smoother. It was a clear morning and we filed right into traffic at Ripon. Since Jeff’s plane is considered Vintage we got to land on runway 36R and park in the vintage aircraft parking. This parking is conveniently located right along the NS runway between the Ultralight area and AeroShell square. I mainly meandered around the grounds. Picked up some LSA brochures, took pictures of some planes, and met up with a few PPG pilots who were also attending. We departed right after the airshow ended and were back home by 8pm. This is definitely the way to go to AirVenture especially if only going for the day. It beats the 3.5 hour one way drive to get there and have now been to AirVenture 8 years in a row.

My photo dump is here. I have video of the flight in and out of AirVenture but am still editing it.

On Sunday I took some friends from church up for a ride in the Cessna. I’m part of the tech crew at church and I took Josh who is our tech director and Kevin who is also on the tech crew. They are both aspiring pilots. Since we were going up they decided to get some video footage for possible use in a future sermon series. We had a wireless transmitter hooked up to one of the audio jacks in the plane so the video camera would pick up our audio communication. I practiced turns around a point around the church while they shot video and stills. Then we headed out west to Illinois Valley Regional (KVYS). We got out to stretch our legs and Josh and Kevin changed seats. On departure I flew along the Illinois river next to Starved Rock and Ottawa, IL. We then headed to Aurora (KARR) airport so they could see what flying into a controlled airport was like. We made right traffic for 18 and watched the 2 C130’s that had just landed taxi to the ramp. The NS runway at Aurora is in disrepair. It’s almost a grass runway now with all the grass growing through the cracks. I did a full stop taxi back landing then departed to the east for LL10. We landed back at LL10 on 18 in the grass. The landing was a greaser except for the roughness of the grass.

This weekend I finally got to fly into AirVenture, log 1.8 hours in the Cessna, and give 2 aspiring pilots a little taste of what the freedom of flight offers.