Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Check Subscriptioins causes the Notes client to take focus

This may be a known issue but I wasn't able to find it anywhere. We are in the process of upgrading our Notes client to 7.0.3 and people started reporting that Notes was popping to the foreground when they were working in MS Word or Excel. It turns out that Check Subscriptions was enabled with the upgrade and this was causing Notes to take focus. Once this option was disabled Notes no longer behaved this way.

Here is the scenario that caused Notes to take focus. Launch Notes, open the mail file then open a message with a Word document attached. Open the Word attachment and leave Word in the foreground. Wait exactly 6 minutes and Notes will appear in the foreground.

Funny thing is that this only happened with Word and Excel, not Notepad. If I opened a TXT attachment with Notepad Notes wouldn't take focus.

Check Subscriptions is controlled by the $HeadlineDisableHeadlines INI parameter. 1 equals disabled. Unfortunatley this settings isn't available via the current desktop policy document. Can you set $ INI parameters with a $Pref field in the policy document? Time to go into the lab.

Update: $Pref$HeadlineDisableHeadlines set to 1 in the Desktop policy document does work for disabling the Check Subscriptions via policy.

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