Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Updated my mail template to 8.0.2

I have been running the 8.0.x Notes client for a while now at work but have kept my mail file on our production 7.x template. I decided to go ahead and add some of our customizations to the R8 mail template and apply it to my production mail file. The only thing I added were the functions for CommonStore so I could still retrieve archived content. We also have integration with our DMS in the R7 template but since I don't use that integration I left it out of the 8 template.

Overall it is a big step up in UI appearance. People I have shown it too also like the new look. This was the main reason for me upgrading my mail file. I want to show people what the new mail template looks like with the new client.

I can see how the new UI will take a bit of getting used to especially when coming from the older templates. It has taken me some time to get used to the new look of just the Inbox. New mail is bold black versus the color red, read messages are now a shade of gray versus normal black, and the message selection is white on blue background versus the black outline. I'm not saying these are bad things, they just take time to adjust to and I think it will take our users time as well. I do like the Shift-click and Ctrl-click multiple message selection and haven't turned the check mark margins back on. I also like the simplified message headers both on screen and on printouts.

There are many more improvments to the UI but these are just some that have stood out for me in the few days I have been using it.

I did get stumped on a design issue when adding the CommonStore views to the outline. With all the new Web stuff I couldn't figure out how to get a horizontal rule to appear above the CommonStore dropdown (see below). I can't find where these lines are being applied. Anyone know?

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