Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New DAOSEST posted - issue on i5/OS

Paul Mooney and Andy Pedisich have posted regarding the new DAOS Estimator tool (v1.1). This new version eliminates the MIME to CD conversion that was seen with the old tool and it also adds a save file for installing on System i. We had already called IBM about the install file for System i so I was glad to see they fixed it.

However, I just installed the tool on our System i and ran it against one of our test Domino servers. The Domino server immediately crashes. I tired it multiple times with different files and it crashes every time. This Domino server is running 7.0.3FP1 and i5/OS V5R4M0.

I tried the new version on Windows and Linux Domino servers and they worked fine.

Run the tool on a test i5/OS Domino server first just in case.

Update: As stated in the comments, you need to have Domino 8.x code installed on i5/OS in order for the tool to work. The Domino server can be running 7.x but the 8.x code must be available.


David Jones said...

Hello. I'm running Domino 8.5 on V6R1 and, so far, it's running just fine. Almost through the 500 or so mail files.

Kevin Kanarski said...

Hmmm, I wonder if it is something specific to the versions we have. I'll try reinstalling the save file.

Kevin Kanarski said...

Tried reinstalling the save file and running it against a different Domino server. Same thing, it crashes. May be an issue with running it on 7.0.3.

Marco Simon said...

Same issue on our iSeries. Domino 7.0.3 on V5R4. Server crashed after the start of daosest v1.1.
I'm waiting now for v1.2 :-)

Kevin Kanarski said...

Here is something interesting in the NSD...

From module . . . . . . . . : UTIL
From procedure . . . . . . : Send_Message
Statement . . . . . . . . . : 31
To module . . . . . . . . . : DAOSESTM
To procedure . . . . . . . : OS400printf
Statement . . . . . . . . . : 6
Message . . . . : Non public routine OSConsoleWrite not implemented in LIBNOTES forwarding service program.

It goes on to say that a non public routine is being called.

Charles said...

Could you possibly install 8.0.1, or 8.0.2, or 8.5? You do NOT need to upgrade your server to that release. The release just needs to be installed on the machine.

Problem: iSeries tightly binds dlls (service programs) to an explicit library. To support multi-versioning on iSeries, a wrapper libnotes was provided in the always present library QNOTES. All SDK applications (including DAOSEST) bind to this wrapper libnotes in QNOTES. This wrapper libnotes then determines the correct version of libnotes (be it 7.0.3, 8.0.2, 8.5,...) to forward the function call onto. The DAOSEST is using a nonstandard API (only on iSeries) and this API was not in our wrapper libnotes in 7.0.3. The 8.x versions of this wrapper contain this API.

Kevin Kanarski said...

Thanks Charles, that worked. I have 8.0.2 installed on another System i with a Domino server running 7.0.3. The tool worked fine against that server.

I like that it shows you which databases it is processing now on the console.