Sunday, March 1, 2009

Flight Log: March flight to the farm

I have been wanting to fly over my grandparents farm for some time now. I had a plane reserved for today and it looked like the winter weather would actually cooperate. If you call 20 degrees and North winds gusting to 23 knots cooperating. I debated about the winds but they were right down the runway and I needed some more high wind practice.

I originally had the 172SP reserved for today but it ended up going offline for maintenance. The other 172 was available, an R model, so I reserved it. This is the first time I have flown our club’s 172R. I normally fly the SP but I have flown an R model at other places. The R model has 20 fewer horsepower but in this cold weather it isn’t that noticeable.

I planned on flying over my grandparent’s farm West of Pontiac and then go over to Kankakee airport. Well there was lake effect snow coming down along the Illinois - Indiana border making KIKK MVFR. I flew to KVYS instead after the farm. They have a nice long wide runway into the wind to practice some gusty landings. The winds were anywhere from 10 to 40 degrees gusting to 21 knots. It was a little rocky on the approach but I stuck the landings. Landing back at LL10 with its 30 ft wide runway was interesting.

My daughter went with for the ride and took some pictures. She has been learning about weather in school so she was taking pictures of the clouds. Here are some other pictures she took.

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