Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Production mail servers running Domino 8.5

All of our production mail servers are now running Domino 8.5. We ran into some minor issues with database corruption but it seems that newer versions of Domino always pick up corruption that the previous version didn't. We also have very large mail files that have been touched heavily by enterprise archiving lately so I'm sure this exposed some issues. Sometimes the server would catch it and automatically do a consistency check but some we had to manually run a fixup.

We also ran into the SPR# TLAM7NGJXY memory leak issue on some servers as stated in a previous post. We now have HF55 (Windows) / L502113 (i5/OS) running on all mail servers and haven't seen the issue since. We have IF1 running on our administration server for the group update issue. We haven't seen the memory leak issue on that server so no need for a special hot fix on that one.

Next is to upgrade to the 8.5 ODS and enable design and data compression. This will probably happen over Memorial Day weekend when I have a long weekend to run compacts. I'll most likely do our backup cluster servers before then and do the primary servers over the long weekend.

We are holding off on DAOS for now. I expect we will do something with it in the second half of the year.

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