Thursday, November 5, 2009

Removing an INI entry from a Desktop Settings document doesn't remove it

I ran into an issue recently with the Custom Settings - Notes.ini feature of the Desktop Settings. If you add an INI entry and then later remove it, it is removed from the display field however the Notes clients still apply it. I tracked this down and the underlying fields in the settings document are not updated accordingly. The Notes client still uses these fields to apply the setting.

I had the INI parameter for PromptForLocation set to 0 in our policy. I wanted to remove it because one of our users wanted this enabled. Even after removing the entry from the policy the feature would continue to be disabled. I noticed the $PrefPromptForLocation field was still in the policy settings document and the AlwaysSetItems field still listed $PrefPromptForLocation. This was after I had removed the entry in the form. I created an agent to remove the entry from the AlwaysSetItems field but the Notes client continued to disable it. I ended up creating a brand new Desktop Settings document and applying it to the Policy to get rid of that setting.

It also looks like INI parameters are Enforced whether you check it or not. The INI parameter above wasn't enforced in the settings document but the Notes client continued to reset the value after the user changed it. All INI parameters are added to the AlwaysSetItems field.


Anonymous said...

What version of server and client?
Do you have a PMR on this?

Kevin Kanarski said...

This was originally discovered with 8.5 directory design, server, and client. I also tried it with the 8.5.1 directory design with the same results.

Haven't had a chance to open a PMR on it.

Romel Jacinto said...

I see this same behavior in my environment with 8.5.1.

Anonymous said...

I have the same trouble on 8.5 FP1 servers and clients 8.5 FP1

I added USeBasicNotes=1 and remove it. New clients are still getting this parameters

a PMR is openened but no news till now

Anonymous said...

ok I received and answer for my PMR

here is it is, it works for me, hope this can help you

When you delete a field from a Form in the Domino Designer client, this will not remove the field from any document based on this Form in the database. If you look at the 'Fields' tab (second tab) of the Document Properties and you will see that Fields that you previously defined.

In order to delete these fields you will need to create a 'Formula' Agent and set to run on selected documents.

FIELD FieldName:=@DeleteField;

Where FieldName is the name of the field that you created.

Once you have deleted this field this will not remove any settings that have already been pushed down to the Notes clients, but will prevent further Notes client from getting this field set.

Kevin Kanarski said...

The Desktop Settings document has a tab for adding (and removing) INI entries. I would expect that when you remove an INI entry from a settings document it would remove any associated fields from that document. This is not happening.

I can write an agent to remove these fields from the document but that should happen as part of the Remove INI entry process.

Anonymous said...

you're right, So I ask them if there will be a fix for that here is his answer !

just crazy for me new with Lotus !!!

Unfortunately this will not be fixed as this is the way that the Domino Database structure works. If a field is removed from a Form then the underlying data structure as not changed. This does mean that if a field is accidentally deleted that the data is not deleted. A form is only use as a means of inputting and displaying the data in a document and not the contents of the document itself.